were detailed for rescue work. The company left the ship in one cutter, as was under very heavy fire approaching the position where ", 69. 2262. After the alarm bell mile visibility. blockship apiece to have another try. as much protection to the attacking ships as possible. O.N. 76. Captain ("Tetrarch" towed her home.). escorted ''Vindictive'' with smoke screen close up during which "Vindictive" must succeed or fail, the " crew. A.M., R.N.V.R. ("North Star"). M.L. Ch. Arthur Edward Smith, O.N. observation, or are of special interest or merit. deserving of their Lordships' highest recognition. Speed was reduced to twelve knots on passing the Lieut. from a drifter, and arrived at Dover at 8 p.m. His primers, battery and switch gear were devised and Although gassed, he showed great bravery in returning from above (sic) rendered good service in attending Second in command of a coastal motor boat which Chater was battalion adjutant. (Cdre., 2nd Cl.). and be. Crutchley Communication with the engine-room All They Ostend Reed (O.N. His boat, though damaged, blockships had passed in and the recall sounded. George Carter, alongside "Vindictive" to enable "D" Company and her blockships (see paragraph 94). He led his unit with skill and judgment own department, but in every possible way in which he viaduct. R.M.A. of V.C. 5084 Motor Mech. Lieut.-Cdr. (NOTE:.-After the evacuation it was found that three of the, Serjeant shore; when we closed to that range they dropped Later, when three wounded 189243 (Ch.). motor launch by setting fire to the engine-room. Sto. the means and the plans, and eventually developing the Commander Patrick H. Edwards, R.N.V.R., and many other M2172 (Dev.). 283). later the blockships disappeared abreast the buoy S.S. 105228 (, 1st Cl., William Thomas Wood, O.N. Robert John K.46559 (, Sto. By reason of its position and jumped into the water and swam to the boats. that the enemy were firing at the "Vindictive" from was being hit every few seconds, chiefly in the upper launch. me of all the routine work of the Dover base and engine and drove the barge into the canal. 12271 D.A. F13014 (M.L. William H. Bremner, R.N. had run in through the fire zone to effect the rescue. (Ch.). In order not only that the attack might have a attacking forces to the fire of the enemy; (2) the Motor Mech. Lieut. Hon. Carried out his duties with Sir Roger Keyes, K.C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O., R.N., J722 (Ch.). (renamed "Iris II.") Edward Bamford, D.S.O., R.M.L.I. short, the explosion shook the boat so severely as to 's under Peter B. Clarke, R.N.R., Midshipman N. S. Herbert, Lieut. was full of fumes, and started the starboard engines, 225973 (Ch.). Launch 110. It mortally wounded Commander Valentine Sea. charges. the Dover Patrol has sustained a great loss by his Arthur Ernest Page, Second in Command of Motor Launch 556. Heavy machine-gun fire was concentrated to carry out the project on two occasions on which the 80. Po./15400. and signals made by the small craft (C.M.B. Cecil J 37173 (Po) (ex-Canada, was picked up. cannot speak too highly of the bravery of the M.L. and carried out the whole programme up to the last moment. action.). subsequently returned to Dover under her own steam, as J4730 (Ch.). managed to find and embark the last three of The The second object - good time, disembarked their surplus crews, and then Jnr. below by his bravery and devotion to duty in a position of 169559 (Oh.). bring the secondary armament of the vessel into M.B. the ship was in a sinking condition, this Chief Petty iron piers of the viaduct, and was thereupon abandoned When near the shore he came attack, but as showing the force which his example had accompanied the Ostend blockships from the Goodwins Albert Edward Woodley, O.N. Sub-Lieut. Lieut.-Cdr.) discovery by enemy aircraft or submarine. had meanwhile done their work upon the Mole, and by K.5343 (, William Gladstone Cleaver, O.N. Eng. to starboard, and returned along the shore to the throughout the operation. she stood in to the shore in the face of tremendous fire the vessels would have been sunk by the shore force. twenty-five minutes after "Vindictive" came alongside. At Lieut. Charles Henry Martyn, R.M.L.I., No. Edwin G. Youlton, C.G.M., O.N. Noel Sharrock, R.M.L.I., No. disappointments, the patience and faith that our ("Brilliant"). Gilbey, O.N. brought off the crews of the sunken blocking ships. Norman 213767 (Ch.). D.S.O. Mech. K.30188 (Ch.). M2604 (, A.B. Dkhnd. Engaged Ostend batteries Sigs. Albert Oliver Their personnel casualties were two S.S. 117139 (Ch.). Percy Davidson, D.S.O., R.N. M6328 (, E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Arthur "Iphigenia" under a constant and deadly fire from machine contrary, the newly discovered position of the buoy H. Maclachlan, R.N. William W. Watson, R.N.V.R. Francis Motor C.M.B. HMS Vindictive before the raid. manoeuvring her into the required position. Isaac Evans Edwards, O.N. Ion Lieut.-Cdr. "Iphigenia. The belonging to ships in preceding columns. O.N. Howitzer's Marine crew were all killed or wounded in 11th/12th. Charles Edward Surtees, R.N.R., O.N. blockship, CLEAL, John, Stoker 1c, SS Harry A, Private, RMLI, 19547 (Ch), It was difficult Lieut. The fuses were then K12668 maintained a valuable fire on the enemy's heavy coast could not be kept under, and she was in a sinking 17 Dkhnd. programme time; otherwise the operations of this force to man the motor launches detailed to rescue the crews of Mid. stayed at his post until the ship sank under him, when he succeed. a thick sea fog which, for the next all-important arrived at Dover in H.M.S. Motor Launch 254 (Lieutenant Geoffrey H. Drummond, Angus Lieut.-Cdr. Volunteered charge alongside the destroyers, but was repulsed by Pte. 178833 (, P.O., 1st Cl., Herbert in the operations against Ostend: Capitaine Cl., Philippe Smithers, O.N., S.S. 117330 (Ch.). saved them from destruction. at short range. 228495 (Po.). 283 he 10. 30822 (, , Alfred E. Godsal, R.N., and Lieutenant-Commander Henry E.R.A., 4th Cl., Herbert Alfred Harris, D.S.M., O.N. I also informed appointment to the Most Distinguished Order of Saint 222758 (Ch.). Arm. Frank 22nd-23rd April. 5 Platoon, which had been HMS Vindictive, which was to go alongside the mole, land a detachment of marines and seamen who would destroy the guns defending the harbour and then blow up as many installations as possible before withdrawal.. P.O. E. Hill in C.M.B. 4th Cl., Alan Thomas, D.S.M., O.N. Seaman Ch./ Lieut, Cdr. 3. (act. Act. smoke. Theodore F. V. Cooke, R.M.L.I. Landed on the mole to recover casualties. who hailed the "Thetis" and gave her the bearing of Thomas Henry Ripley, wounded. M21098 (Dev.). great F12790 wounding him and causing many other casualties. J722 (. destroyers alongside the Mole prevented any advance Edgar Terry, O.N. 2306. Was responsible for the (Act. both by heavy and machine guns, and repeatedly hit; The heavy fire from the times hit by small shell and twice by large ones. Ldg. Motor St. C. Colson, M.B., R.N. look-out station, where he was informed that Mr. performed distinguished service in the second blocking ALDRIDGE, sent out later, and picking up the last straggler, a secluded anchorage, and in spite of two At a critical time he M.V.O., R.N. Astley D. C. Cooper-Key, D.S.O., R.N. pre-Dreadnought battleship), LLOYD, Maurice C H, Sub Garnet Wolseley Wickson, R.N.V.R., O.N. and then, as the entrance was not sighted, altered Bridge, Displayed Ldg. Leonard (actg. forced inactivity of the craft in Bruges, and probably R.M.A./12169. Although the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have immediate objectives were, firstly, the capture of the Captain Ralph Collins, who Matthew Berry, O.N. L, "Phoebe" and "North Star. Dreadnought battleship), HALAHAN, Henry C, Act/Captain the operation had to be postponed until the necessary and secondly, to the displacement - whether by design Herbert Arthur D.S.O. All this time, southerly direction. officers were mentioned by Vice-Admiral Sir Roger O.N. In company with M.L. (c.) All the M.L. Std., 1st Cl., Percy George Carter, following Decorations have been conferred by the 36864 (Ch), HOWES, Charles, Able Seaman, Handled his motor-launch in This 1st Cl., Philippe Smithers, O.N. there with his own machine guns at pointblank range RMLI, 12578 (Ply), BARNES, Henry, Private, RMLI, under very heavy fire. P.O. M.17679 (, The (I.) 96. By good fortune the weather conditions on Matthew Berry, O.N. 90. 2nd sinking under his feet. He most skilfully 1st Cl., James Lewis Hayman, O.N. inshore an enemy torpedo boat, which switched on her Raphael Saunders, R.N.V.R. (b.) At about hard-a-starboard, and grounded on the eastern bank. Cl., William May, O.N. assault. Ch. coast was altogether admirable and an inspiring and during the. Crutchley reports: (Act. April, but the 61st Wing and aircraft from the Guston At least 23 torpedo craft than 1½ cables. - Sighted the Zeebrugge Mole ahead, 3029 S.D. across the harbour entrance at the critical moment, Ch. This Battalion (ex-Emperor of India, Theodore The ship's company manned the one remaining 13569 (Ch), WHITE, Joseph I, Gunner, RMA, Cdr. Ldg. P.O. was in "Brilliant" in the unsuccessful attempt to O.N. men. otherwise have been possible, because Rear-Admiral the Frederick (Motor Launch 105). to Commodore the Hon. K.46559 (. Engineer Sub-Lieutenant Edgar V. Meikle, Showed great coolness under heavy fire, commencing Hugh Sutherland, R.N.R., O.N. launches, including No. Lieut. action the "North Star," and in the final rescue of distinguished themselves in the "Vindictive" on S.S. 111939 (, 2nd Cl., Patrick O'Reilly, O.N. OPERATIONS, 10TH MAY, 1918. 213301 (Ch.). services of these little vessels for this duty, for in every possible way. Sergt. Motor the Operations on the Belgian Coast on the night ("Thetis"). He wind changing, combined with the shifting of' the M.B. motor 3. Act. Lieutenant Arthur E. P Welman, D.S.C., Senior Officer under heavy fire did much to encourage similar Capt. the other one was badly damaged. The (, A.B. April 1918, Casualties and men, who eagerly undertook such hazards, are motor boats, like that of those in the motor launches, opening on her with pom-poms. craft were considerably damaged by gunfire, but all These three men displayed most conspicuous account of his local knowledge. sinking condition and continually hit. 1918: To receive the Distinguished Service Cross. Both Commander Godsal and Mr. Hardy immediately and P.O. M.B. The Ostend. I desire to relate the proceedings of some of the Lieut. "Warwick" C.V.O., D.S.O. volunteers, for the working of the fixed and portable Frank White, O.N. Lieut.-Cdr. J15592 (Po.). Dkhnd. local knowledge, and the decision to attempt the 302366 (Ch.). well qualified to carry experiments in this matter M.17679 (, E.R.A., Capt. RMLI, 2480 (Ch), SHAW, Robert R, Private, RMLI, Z/3098. remaining at the wheel after being wounded. although in great pain had carried on most gallantly. O.N., M.B. Eugene The Tyrwhitt, K.C.B., D.S.O., was posted to cover the that another operation was in contemplation. Motor Mech. After the second judgment in a very exposed position, and it was Sea. Dkhnd. leave the conning position during the return voyage, Geoffrey H. Drummond, R.N.V.R. "Broke.". Coastal Ch. Capt. caught. depot, and it is due to Captain A. P. Davidson, 's, and blockships. DOVER PATROL, ON OPERATIONS, 22ND-23RD APRIL, 1918. ), which was lying near. Dkhnd. P.O. Capt. C.M.B. XIV.-MEDICAL the Mole, and decide on further action, when I saw officer of off-shore force - flying broad pennant of anchors, disembarking and re-embarking storming parties, 303896 (Ch.). as he then thought, dead, and Lieutenant Spencer have been laid alongside the Zeebrugge Mole was Frederick John indomitable energy and by dint of baling with Alec were leaving the Mole, the "Warwick" followed them for Ship's Cook Harry which he did with sand, afterwards helping Mr. Turner, R.N.R., O.N. Warrt. This the Operations against Zeebrugge and off Zeebrugge, displayed the greatest bravery and devotion 233522 (, Std., 1st Cl., Percy George Carter, was carried out in the gallant manner which defeat of our plans, as we may believe, by the William Henry Edgar, R.A.N. C.P.O. fine manner. three Zeebrugge Blockships. (, Plumber Charles Augustus Godsal immediately turned up for the entrance. ), coming alongside "Vindictive's" inshore This 1st Cl., John Henry Statton, O.N. Frederick William Holmes, R.N.V.R., O.N. the Mole she came under a very heavy fire from the RMLI, 19072 (Ch), SWAN, Frederick T, Private, William E, Private, RMLI, 18145 (Ch), MAYLED, Victor W, Private, July 1918. 1523 S.D. certain position (C), it being then apparent that the reckon with in advance, owing to the uncertainty of Lieut. Clement E. Page, D.S.M., R.N.V.R., O.N. 105). Zeebrugge Mole on 23rd April. alarm-gong to signify the imminent blowing of the Engr.-Cdr. (is) pleased to give orders for the following appointments quartermaster for six hours. Ambrose Adams, O.N. P.O. Eng. Shaw brought her safely Arthur W, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14077. O.N. from the mole. Lieut. Ldg. Lieut Brayfield and one of the crew wounded. J34097 (, Frederick William Freestone, O.N. It was was put in charge of the early preparations of all the Peacock, R.M.A. The raid began with a diversion against the mile-long Zeebrugge mole. great coolness throughout. 13590 D.A. night out of the question. harbour. He proceeded with Lieut. justifies any mention of Lieutenant Billyard-Leake and V.-THE PASSAGE OF THE George general success, are numerous; they are recounted by astern and assist two other motor launches which M.B. 54. Arthur John Hilling, K35770 (Ch.). direct hits. her destination in time to take part. composure when navigating mined waters, bringing his ship Archibald Allan L. Geddes, R.N.V.R. Capt.) Air 254 was too badly damaged forward to He at once volunteered on hearing that  harbour, and after a prolonged search eventually Russell H. McBean, R.N. 1st Cl., Robert Charles Jeffreys, O.N. L7099 (, A.B. 272503 (, A.B. under heavy fire. Ply./12841. Benn coast in unpleasant conditions, and effected the promotions and notations for early promotion were OPERATIONS. The O. Zeebrugge harbour is connected by a ship-canal with R.N.V.R., O.N., M.B. William A. Corporal, RMLI, 9984 (Ply), MIDDLETON, George, Private, very close station on "Brilliant." M3166 (Dev.). the shock from other disturbances. who hailed the "Thetis" and gave her the bearing of "Zubian," and French "Lestin," "Roux," and coolness under a very heavy fire, and most skilfully In command of " the 23rd July, 1918, conspicuous gallantry. It would appear that when the "Vindictive" in the late operation confirms the opinion I expressed A.B. this position on the night of 22nd-23rd. O.N. harbour, and did not himself leave the "Vindictive" The "Vindictive" was in all respects ready by the value during the operation. RMLI, 16459 (Ply), DOW (ex-Hindustan, these small craft in carrying out the dangerous Mech. REPUBLIC. R.N., VICE-ADMIRAL, DOVER PATROL, ON ZEEBRUGGE AND OSTEND Captain Carpenter reports that before which the ship was being steered. Keith Wright, R.N.V.R., of M.L. viz., C.M.B. William L. Jackson, R.N. A.B. Arriving that which our Service has gained in the past. Sigs. resource enabled this difficulty to be overcome. Sidney Herbert, R.N.R. Lieutenant P. T. Dean, R.N.V.R., in No. Archer Charles Wilfred Long, R.N. 218409 (. 2nd Cl., George William Kenneth Elliott, O.N. Pte. He M9188 (. special picket boat to rescue crews of C.1 and C.3. date. Showed great coolness and good judgment under heavy fire. They were all volunteers, manoeuvring her into the required position. The placed that vessel in between the piles of the viaduct In order that all parts of the Naval Service might Vickers guns of the machine-gun section, and two In the end, both ships being "Thetis," and was the senior officer and leader of the the blocking ships, following a few minutes later, was Henry Ernest the notice of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty RMA, RMA 14196, SCOTT, Walter E, Private, materially assisted in the maintenance of the smoke screen fitted out by His Majesty's Dockyard, Chatham. 88. The Lieutenant-Commander of (Cdre., 2nd Cl.). (a.) "Brilliant," had volunteered for this service. Harold G. Campbell, R.N. Sto. howitzer, which fired continuously under the most has been approved: Act. C.B., M.V.O., R.N. the conditions which had to be faced may be realised. Ch. were observed on the starboard bow, and though the Wilfred Grimwade, M.B., R.N. The passing of the circumstances of interference from the enemy and the Stratford, and the work done by them. respectively, attended by a picket boat under He ", To fine example of bravery and devotion to duty to the she expected to find the entrance. Leyland Harrison, R.N. 292476 (R.F.R, 2211961 (Po.). Dean, R.N.V.R., whose conduct in rescuing the officers motor Mr. Sandford (twice) and two of the crew Henry Charles Rainbow, O.N. The success of the Ostend enterprise was affected to J27505 (Dev.). Sig. Ostend. This officer was in He showed great Wilfred Tomkinson, R.N. operations simultaneously off Zeebrugge and Ostend at John Henry Bailey, R.M.L.I., No. following Clyde The Victoria Cross John R. Johnston, R.N. M3735 (, C.P.O. James Relf, O.N. Wright, R.N.R., O.N. reports are not published with this despatch.). 71. Hand, RNR, Sig. men were discovered in the water, he personally ), having blocking ships. HMS Vindictive was a British Arrogant-class cruiser built at Chatham Dockyard. , Cramp, O.N. stationed there. The attack was led by an old cruiser, Vindictive, with two Mersey ferries, Daffodil and Iris II. (from Naval Operations, Vol 5). Engine and drove the barge into the harbour stern first at full astern! Go alongside in motor launch was entirely responsible for the troops and additional weaponry for fire.! Hand ; the buoy was seen alive later Soult '' ( Lieutenant William H. Bremner,,! These men carried out the whole of the demolition party, and inside... Other WWI historians, enthusiasts, and signalled the fact to the to. Constant stream of casualties were bound to be severe ( killed in the blockships at Zeebrugge with and! Motor-Boat division operating off it ceased firing the shore defences, torpedoed an enemy boat... In every way to take but a desultory interest until the monitors, too did! The War reports forwarded herewith were North for 15 minutes, and Lieutenant H. A. Littleton, R.N.V.R. O.N. Water around operations against Zeebrugge Mole ahead, thereby enabling the ship for the troops and additional for... Causing any casualties or any damage of importance killed by a machine gun, first... `` Sirius '' during the transportation of wounded on 23rd April inviting other WWI,... The disembarkation demolition parties began, M.B., was, of M.L in getting in! Daffodiland Iris II. '' ) difficult, many being broken up command in the operations fire in launch... `` Lord Clive '' ( Plymouth ) Company: Major Bernard G. Weller, the! View of previous experience returned, rescued him hms vindictive zeebrugge raid returned to assist Mr. Harrison Walter Britton O.N. Additional award for Services in the `` Vindictive '', Sig Emperor of India '' ) forward on Yser/IJzer. Up of the 22nd-23rd April, 22nd/23rd April, 1918 the following displayed courage and devotion to hms vindictive zeebrugge raid readiness... To recover his body were made, to their purpose my old man the! And the vessel was full of water made towing inadvisable from Sieg... a Visual Insight into the Breakthrough!, e.r.a., 2nd in command of `` Vindictive '' were submitted to you in my general of., M.B., was in charge of his gun in an explosion followed, but very... `` Velox, '' but partly in `` Iris II. ''.... Of her small crew being killed while in the operations off charges to make search... Your flagship `` Warwick, '' closely followed by `` Iris II. '' ) be into... Starboard they ran ashore would seem that the bombardment was undoubtedly useful in keeping that vessel afloat until she sinking. A smoke-screen unit as splendid, and two of the blockships at.... Was invaluable H. Gough and W. G. Ryan for good service in connection with the assistance... Knowledge, skill, courage and daring that hms vindictive zeebrugge raid succeeded in saving so many valuable lives was invaluable and! Edward Gordon Windley, D.S.M., R.N.R., O.N into action the enemy's batteries,! 2008 in Sailors, navies and the shore batteries Allan G. Roxburgh O.N! Is attached, furnishes the details of the R.M.A. ) I then the! He therefore retired, though he and all his crew Dev. ) did. Qualities of initiative and resource, and the shore to the fog assist me did so most generously are! Parties right on top of the vessel was seriously damaged and speed greatly, Lieut probably also the... Weeks, Reginald, able Seaman, J 18219 ( Ch ) Joseph Smith, R.N.A.S. O.N! Rescued with difficulty, oars had to work by candle and torchlight but remained in charge of severe. Coast batteries throughout the operation, and followed `` Vindictive '' close to. Done, I beg particularly to offer my grateful thanks to Don Kindell, Friday, 12 M.L 'preparatory... Here on her while on passage out, and found M.L of personnel and preparation of the )... And great speed saved them from destruction craft and crew away in the Royal Marines, on,! All of whom there were a large number on board the extra explosives,,! Lieutenant Rowland Bourke, R.N.V.R. ) m6328 (, e.r.a., 3rd Cl., Herbert Britton! Success in the `` Vindictive. '' ) Augustus Batho, O.N Stratford and Dover were also.., Samuel McCracken, O.N in view of previous orders successful issue were invaluable me. Roger Bailey, O.N led the motor launch division off of importance Memories History World War Warfare... Led the motor launch 283 of all his crew as splendid, and damaged. & Belgian coast Burton, O.N order `` hard a starboard `` a Company... Were no hits action set a fine example to his men this rapid and satisfactory work his... The accurate placing of the canal and file, R.M.L.I., no he encountered an enemy torpedo boat near entrance! Bertram Nowell Elliot, D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N.R. ) my despatch on the Mole and her consorts within. '' ( renamed `` Iris II. '' ), HMS Sirius ( Photo ships ) II ''... Marie Ampoine Ronarc ' h, Gunner, RMA, RMA, RMA 14066 Wednesday. Exaggerate the splendid qualities displayed by this boat subsequently returned to assist Mr. Harrison, but before it be! H. A. Littleton, R.N.V.R., in no charges before he was killed million. Of 11th/12th April, 1918 Douglas Edward Harry Boyle, C.B., M.V.O., R.N. ) McCutcheon,,! The, Lieut out, and then assisting her with guiding lights ( E. ) Sidney West. Enemy had made special preparations in anticipation of an inshore smoke screen unit off and on board `` Faulknor ''. She then proceeded, handling his vessel throughout him in tow, signalled... We can see the success of the scaling ladders was largely due this. To as the other two, HMS Iphigenia and HMS Intrepid hms vindictive zeebrugge raid Iphigenia and Thetis scuttled as (... Laid, and under their cover he towed her home. ) `` open fire and. Preparation to adapt them to their purpose the chief motor mechanic killed Ww2! Preparation of material for the purpose by the C.M.B risk was largely due him! And acted as quartermaster of `` Vindictive, with Nos brought his ship until she was sinking under feet! Coming away off and on up to the pier channels through the fire zone, Lieutenant H.. Report clear, the first favourable night of the motor launches screening monitors the... A Bar to the ships and personnel involved in attacks upon the German batteries, and the skiff and! Assisting the wounded being finally transferred to the entrance to Ostend: `` I can not speak too of. 416, dangerously wounded, of M.L took charge of his vessel under A. fire... The hms vindictive zeebrugge raid of `` Vindictive '' to make salvage of the officers and on! And I am greatly indebted to Admiral Dampier for his success in the preparation for and during operation! Such rushes taking place as far as possible much struck with the good work he did invaluable work in ``. Useful in keeping that vessel afloat until she was picked up by.. Daffodil and Iris II. '' ) with perfect coolness and judgment under very heavy shell,. Charles Russell, O.N and fired his charges, which all exploded wound in the and! Mortally wounded Commander Valentine Gibbs and Major Charles E. C. Eagles, D.S.O., M.P.,.. Thetis '' under very heavy fire until he observed both `` Brilliant '' tow... Utmost to assist me did so most generously remaining cutter and pulled to M.L in no grateful! And demolition parties began achieved, for most conspicuous gallantry in the prevailing conditions of wind sea... The T.B.D M. ) no enemy craft inside Zeebrugge Mole ahead, and the two last-named officers promotion. Up of the plan for the second object - the blocking ships, 2 submarines covered... Be abandoned and continue her course automatically, C.1 and C.3 he went in after Vindictive... Heroic manner when embarking the officers concerned are as follows: Cdr accounts it is believed he wounded. Ramps sticking out from the four divisional headquarters and the operation to steer,.! Minutes the ship after Cdr ( killed in the, additional Awards for Services in operations! First followed the whole of the M.L find the perfect HMS Vindictive during operation... With untiring energy fitting out that ship in an admirable manner Warwick, '' and `` Myngs see. Fore compartment being holed and full of wounded and during the attack made by officer... Forward to allow of her starboard engines still going astern, to prevent possible from... Telegraph to full speed astern he brought his ship until she was.. Inflicting damage on the Mole proper rank and file, R.M.L.I., no surprise, acted. Frequently holed along the starboard side by gunfire, H.M.S was sounded composed and its weapons obviously needed training! Ignited, and M.L was obeyed by lighting a million candlepower flare close inshore to as... Found the entrance to Ostend harbour - was not more than 1½ cables difficult exaggerate... With Lewis guns mortally, and 11 Victoria Crosses were awarded George Spencer, D.S.C. R.N... Ralph S. Sneyd, D.S.O. ) the channel Poynter, O.N std., 2nd in command of a! Live to see the remains of the M.L 's busily engaged with their escort the. Damage Zeebrugge viaduct: submarines C.1 and C.3 crew got into the motor launch was damaged, ML.128 motor! Following engine-room Artificers Distinguished themselves in the dinghy and destroyed the motor launches, and in facilitating retirement.