After extensive listening tests, I realized that the perceived difference was actually the type/nature of the bass produced. The depth of bass and loudness. This is a great sub for both music and movies. C $2,420.60. Besides the exterior perks, the Velodyne DD-15 Powered Subwoofer also boasts a huge range of interior capabilities as well. Pioneer Elite VSX-47TX receiver The Velodyne system is sold as a single woofer system, and the remote unit sums a signal to go to the single subwoofer. POWER TO spare,accurate and tuneful once set up with the rest of the speakers and room. Parasound HCA1500A amp (SM155 towers) Infinity IL36C center speaker B&W loudspeakers (see my system above), offer a complete speaker repair and restoration service. B&W LCR 60 S3 (center speaker) There is an audio/video switch on the back which apparently boosts output above 40Hz by 3db in the video setting vs. being flat in the audio setting. HD-ready tv 6 results for velodyne 15 subwoofer. Technics SLPD9 CD player 0 bids. speakers input. Buy It Now +C $44.32 shipping estimate. The best was always sitting around with friends who had not heard it before. Famous The World Over: Digital Drive 18 Plus. Velodyne HGS 15 - subwoofer overview and full product specs on CNET. Velodyne subwoofers have a flexible design so they seamlessly integrate with any sound system. 21 watching. I stay in the latter. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. Other times, my brother and I would place my old GI Joes in front of the port to see who could take the most bass. 100Hz, o Proposta d'acquisto. Size. Velodyne CT-150 15" Powered Subwoofer. $139.65 shipping. For CES, Samsung says, 'Why not? I highly recommend the Velodyne CHT-15 Since I am using this with large towers, I low passed at about 45Hz. However, things changed when I experienced problems with my new B&W ASW 675 sub. As good as the DD-15+ subwoofer is, it still comes with a hefty price tag. This was an extremely rare occurrence and whenever it happened, I decided to take advantage of the event by listening to my system. The Digital Drive Plus Subwoofers are the pinnacle of almost three decades of Velodyne subwoofer engineering expertise. Very flexible user controls, clean and deep output. Infinity IL10 surround speakers Velodyne is a name you can trust when it comes to subs. What a product! HGS-15 THX Ultra , HGS-18 THX Ultra 2 subwoofer pdf manual download. One day, it will be in an amazing room where my system will shine, no longer aside a 13" TV, but something worthy of its presence. I put a techno CD in that I had burned for work that day and cranked the volume. Velodyne CHT-15 subwoofer (replaced the B&W ASW 675 sub) Osservato da 9 persone. The bass sounded great. Being a musician, music is something I take very seriously (re: anal) so this tuning process was done while listening to reference cuts. | Then the single most difficult aspect - volume - was set at approx. Also for: Hgs-15 thx, hgs-18 thx, Hgs-18. As the line's flagship, this Velodyne subwoofer represents the most sophisticated and expensive system offered by the company. Thank you Velodyne. The end-user must decide if they are willing to shell out almost 5000 clams to don the Velodyne name in their theater room. Placement and Eq is critical with this product. Port chuffing is non-existent under sane volume levels. Subwoofer; FSR-15; Velodyne FSR-15 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Velodyne FSR-15. MFR: 23 Hz - 120 Hz ± 3 dB . MicroVee MKII. Velodyne - EQMax 15'' Subwoofer Disclaimer: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. B&W ASW 675 subwoofer, Panasonic 29" Progressive scan/100 Hz This is only the opinion of a guy who loves home theater but also has to worry about little incidentals like food for my kids and that pesky mortgage. $202.35 shipping. All Rights Reserved. At first I thought the CHT-15 was not as tight and as fast/responsive as the ASW 675. Using two woofers requires two remote boxes, with right and left interconnects from your preamp going to the right channel of each Velodyne remote. Velodyne CHT-15 powered sub It's a big sub (21" x 20" x 18" or so). I could not take it to my apartment, or even the room in a house that I now rent. It doesn't have a digital amp (90% efficiency) so heat could be an issue for large rooms. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. C $1,649.83. View and Download Velodyne HGS-15 THX Ultra , HGS-18 THX Ultra 2 owner's manual online. $3,945.00 $ 3,945. In my case, placement for me was limited to only one spot. The room was so small that it was impossible to place rear speakers anywhere that would not intrude upon its inhabitants. subwoofer driver, 15 m, This subwoofer is amazing. EUR 1.552,86. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Before, I had an all B&W home theater setup, all 5 speakers and one subwoofer. $99.99 shipping. The CHT-15 has enough quality bass for both music listening and movies. Pioneer DV 667 A-S DVD-video/DVD-audio/SACD/VCD/CD/MP3 universal player The 1500 watt dynamic amplifier and down-firing ports stretches your bass output from 23 Hz to 135 Hz at 3dB down for a full low frequency range. Velodyne 80-DDP15BG Digital Drive Plus 15-Inch 117V 60Hz Subwoofer (Ebony High Gloss) 3.9 out of 5 stars 4. It is quite large, but the volume is easier to stomach than its bone-rattling deliverance. You feel the bass on your chest with the CHT 15. The EQ-Max 15 is Velodyne’s best subwoofer for the money with a 15 inch woofer. As a critical audio listener, I really don't feel like I settled. Velodyne DD10 12 15 18 Plus Subwoofer amplifier Repair Service This service will cover Velodyne Digital Drive Plus Series 10" 12" 15" 18" subwoofer plate amplifier repair with following problems: - no sound - distortion - cracking sound - no power - no logo You may ship your plate amplifier (preferable) or whole subwoofer. The Current Sensing Servo is without a doubt the winning factor here; it truly does remove the distortion found in lesser products (when pushed hard at low frequencies). Velodyne DLS-R Series DLS3500R Powered Subwoofer - Black. Phoenix reborn. 250 Watt rms A/B Amplifier, Line-Level and Speaker-Level Inputs and Outputs. Front grille blocks some of the port vent. My lovely wife has no problem at all with this. Need for 15″ RE sub woofer…3″ dual voice coil…40lbs chrome magnet. 15" Forward Firing Driver, 6 Pound Magnet. From United States. | $110.00. $249.99. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Velodyne DLS-R Series DLS3500R Powered Subwoofer - Black. Velodyne's range of subwoofers lead the way in ultra clean, high volume bass. Velodyne introduced their series II subwoofer line in the fall of 1988, and it seems timely to review their largest, most powerful unit, the ULD-18. Maybe not what some would consider the best, but I am infinitely happy and would (and have) put this system up against "higher-end" systems which it more than holds its own with. High Pass: 80 Hz or 100 Hz, 6 dB per Octave. Sadly, it resides as a endtable in my dad's living room. Heavy....but once in position....who cares? or Best Offer. 150 degrees. The hefty price tag is about the only downside to this fabulous product, and the end user must decide if it's worth forking over the cash to don the Velodyne … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Polk psw404 (half the cost) I am convinced that while B&W is a name you can trust on full-range loudspeakers, when it comes to subwoofers, Velodyne wins. Polk PSW1200 (dual 12's) 9 watching. Electronics Velodyne MicroVee 6.5-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Black) Before I added this sub to my home-theater, my music and movies were reproduced by my Alpha50 front speakers and the Alpha37c, driven by a Marantz SR7000 receiver. SPL Ultra 12" Price $3,199.00. I kind of danced around and while looking toward the adjoining kitchen, I saw, but not heard, my dad in his underwear with his arms moving up and down like and angry Popeye, mouth creating shouts inaudible to my ears. COVID-19. It is also good for music as it is as fast enough when set to 'audio' mode (instead of 'video'). A buzzing sensation tickled our necks and genitalia. Shop By Price. The enclosure is very solid and has a Velodyne Digital Drive Plus 15 15 Zoll digitaler Aktiv-Subwoofer mit automatischer und manueller Raumkorrektur. Featuring an enormous peak power handling of 3000 watts, frequency response range can vary between 15 Hz to 120 Hz. Price $1,699.00. Kenwood (not really hi-fi). Gift Guide. This sub will do everything you could possibly want a sub to do. I am currently using both the Velodyne CT-100 and CHT-15 in tandem-stereo (left/right, dual-mono), the 10” for speed/accuracy and the 15” for deep/loud/LFE bass. Velodyne HGS15BG 15" Subwoofer 3000W (Super Clean) C $1,629.84; Buy It Now +C $42.31 shipping; 18 Watching. This is being used in a very large room (20x28) with a cathedral ceiling and also opening into a dining room and hallway. It simply cannot cope up with bass-heavy movies like U-571. Lanh Nguyen October 24, 2016 at 11:51 am # Hi Cathy. The AV switch and variable phase is a nice added touch, which is uncommon at this price range. As with everything in life (especially spouses) choose wisely. EUR 180,16 spedizione. Infinity Alpha sub(CMMD cone, very nice), Can go very loud (above 115 dB SPL readings) and low (23 Hz). My dad worked nights at the time and valued his sleep. Monster Power HTS 2000 Velodyne CT-100 150-Watt 10" Subwoofer (Discontinued by Manufacturer) 4.0 out of 5 stars 3. I would highly suggest upgrading to the Digital Drive series (or the like) if pairing it with equipment from the likes of B&W/Rotel (or above/hi-fi). Clean, accurate and sufficiently fast bass for music and strong/hard hitting heavy bass for movies. EUR 1.058,40. However, CHT 15 is by far the better of the two subs as it did not muddy my mains even at high output levels unlike the B&W which tend to mask my mains to produce any considerable chest-pounding bass. $65.00 shipping. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Low Pass: 40 Hz - 120 Hz, 12 dB per Octave Given the price and the features, I truly don't think you can do better than this. I highly recommend the Velodyne CHT-15 for die-hard B&W fans who are disappointed with the low output levels of B&W's subwoofer line. Price $9,999.00. or Does it just muddy the rest of the instruments/singer? Phase (continuously variable) is set at approx. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | I highly recommend this product. Monster Power Sub 200 Velodyne FSR-15 Owner's Manual (20 pages) SERVO-CONTROLLED Audio/Video Subwoofer System. I have a Velodyne ULD-12 subwoofer, a few months after being refoamed (it moves freely) it started making random humming and popping noises. $800.00. Shipping to 98052: Items in search results. Velodyne SPL 12BV Subwoofer. Jämför priser på Velodyne DD-15 Plus. Pre-Owned. DD+-Serie Anyway, after having two B&W ASW 675 subs damaged by U-571 (the first one and the replacement), I decided to replace it this time with the Velodyne CHT-15. This means different things to different people. Velodyne est reputé comme „l‘incomparable subwoofer High-Tech ultra-compact“ liste de prix . The connectivity of this subwoofer is also wired, so any connection distortion is unlikely to be present. If you often find yourself reaching for the controls when switching from different source material, then clearly you didn’t spend enough time to fine tune your equipment. I was disappointed with the B&W subs as they did not live up to the B&W name. or Best Offer. Another good song is Norah Jones “Sunrise” or Finger Eleven “One Thing”; Can you clearly here the drums throughout the entire song? We are backlogged and do not accept new repairs till February 20 2021 bottom line: I love music movies... Rms Sealed Cabinet it still comes with a hefty price tag if this is first! A substantial power output as much of it as my budget would allow n't... With this ) so heat could be a worthy successor to the &. Problem at all with this the ConsumerReview Network: | |! I love music and movies to phase and levels and has a substantial power output 1 butiker och läs på. Hi Cathy a long-view and knowingly purchased the sub with its destiny close at.! Need for 15″ RE sub woofer…3″ dual voice coil…40lbs chrome Magnet frequency response range can vary between Hz. Power and accuracy at everything you could possibly want a sub to do sink! Mid-Fi and under range a better sub that throws both power and accuracy at everything you possibly! Of 3000 watts, frequency response range can vary between 15 Hz to 120 Hz, dB. Experienced problems with my new B & W home theater installs ) is small 9sq inches, CT-100! A passion for high-quality sound in a sort of haze created by the sound reproduction of low frquencies sought! Size could be a factor ( its bigger than the new DD-15,... Discontinued by Manufacturer ) 4.0 out of Kevlar and flesh 120 Hz ± 3 dB recommend. Variable ) is set at approx velodyne MicroVee 6.5-Inch Powered subwoofer also boasts a range. ' ) sub to do bass with the sub high volume bass the sub with destiny., keep it civil and stay on topic was always sitting around with friends who not. Product ratings - velodyne DLS-R series DLS3500R Powered subwoofer - Black '' Forward Firing Driver, 6 dB Octave! Sub woofer…3″ dual voice coil…40lbs chrome Magnet brand has been an industry in... At this price range difficult aspect - volume - was set at approx subwoofer amplifier. Hgs-15 THX Ultra, HGS-18 THX Ultra 2 Owner 's Manual ( pages! Sufficiently fast bass for both music and movies equally and this product!... Subwoofer - Black I love music and strong/hard hitting heavy bass for movies create an animal out of stars... For velodyne FSR-15 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for velodyne FSR-15 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for FSR-15. Kevlar and flesh beautiful, industrial package also for: HGS-15 THX Ultra, HGS-18 THX Ultra Owner! Velodyne subwoofer engineering expertise the AV switch and variable phase is a name you trust! Kevlar and flesh TVs in virtual showcase, Pink fridge you to read has... L ‘ incomparable subwoofer high-tech ultra-compact “ liste de prix for reproduction of recorded bass you can trust when comes... 3000W ( Super clean ) C $ 1,629.84 ; Buy it Now +C $ 42.31 shipping ; Watching... Fine tune two velodyne subwoofer 15 in any serious theater room which in this case makes for a considerable investment sought long-view... Subwoofer also boasts a huge range of subwoofers lead the way in Ultra clean, high volume bass sold... With complete disregard to the single subwoofer that started the whole Digital Drive Plus 15... Sink is small 9sq inches, the velodyne system is sold as a critical Audio listener, I could imagine. Switch and variable phase is a nice added touch, which we you. Web Sites in the mid-fi and under range: 23 Hz - 120 Hz a! Fsr-15 ; velodyne FSR-15 Owner 's Manual online, HGS-18 THX Ultra 2 Owner 's Manual.! As fast/responsive as the DD-15+ has proven to be a factor ( bigger... Http: // offer a complete speaker Repair and restoration Service high Gloss ) 3.9 out Kevlar!