The author does not flinch from exploring the crueller aspects of childhood, especially in the form of the utterly selfish Peter whose mind games, deceit and narcissism gradually reveal themselves to Jamie the lost boy of the title, Violent, bloody and thought-provoking, this version of Neverland is hellish and hopeless. And now that he’d got him, Peter had no use for him. The smaller boy fell to his bottom on the ground, wiping blood from his lip. Lost Boy: The True Story ... “Go on, now.”. I stuffed my hands under the waist of my deerskin pants and hooked my thumbs over the edge. The Lost Boy "The Lost Boy" is the harrowing but ultimately uplifting true story of a boy's journey through the foster-care system in search of a family to love. “I told you he was.”. by Berkley Books. “The outside bit, that’ll make you sick if you eat it. “You’ll never grow up, you fool. as far as i am now concerned, this reimagining is the only true version of events. He’d keep coming back at you no matter how right you were until you threw up your hands and let him win just so you’d have some peace. Add a gift receipt for easy returns. . Ryder's mom is in the hospital fighting for her life after being struck by a truck while crossing the street. “It’ll be a lark,” Peter said, and he nudged me toward the notch in the tree. So therefore, I was always intrigued by Captain Hook! They like to hit one another.”. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published NYC is about to get interesting. And that history (and even fairy tales) are told and kept by the victor. I stood and called Nod and Fog to me. Christina Henry is the author of The Mermaid , Lost Boy, Alice, Red Queen, and the national bestselling Black Wings series featuring Agent of Death Madeline Black and her popcorn-loving gargoyle, Beezle. “What would you know about it?” I said, as I rubbed Charlie’s back again to get him to settle. --Genevieve Valentine, author of Persona Overview. I thought all of these things while the twins spun and pummeled. I think this is, as the title says, the story of a child's search for the love of a family. Charlie blinked sleepy blue eyes at me. The forest cut through the middle of a mountain range on the east side. .” Nod began, but stopped at the look on my face. I probably wouldn't call it 'horror' but it's definitely violent and gory and full of darkness, which was fun. For a while Peter was inclined to be jealous of this, for it was a good prize, and to wheedle and imply that I ought to give it to him, but I wouldn’t. “’S good,” he said. It wasn’t my blood, or blood I’d spilled—though there was plenty of that to go around. Being a fan of Peter Pan and fairy tale retellings, I truly believed that I was in for a treat here. It’s always been just Ryder and his mom—ever since Ryder can remember. Lost Boy by Christina Henry is another young adult fantasy retelling of Peter Pan that flips the script and shows a much darker side of the Peter Pan that we all knew from the original. I’m Penny and I’m starting college. To my way of thinking this was not a smart idea. I definitely recommend this book. If you're still worried however I recommend reading it first and then seeing if you think she'll be able to handle it. Poltergeists, bigfoot hunting expeditions, and psychotic gnomes? Light filtered in from the moon through the holes we’d cut like windows in the tree hollow—me and Peter had done it, long ago. An important book' Daily Telegraph 'Bailey has a knack for bringing characters to life . Please try again. Sometimes I worried, just a little, that I would grow up and be sent to the pirate camp. I didn’t like having a raid so soon, but I knew my part if one was to happen. They scampered to their feet, seemingly none the worse for wear. By then a boy would have gotten a good taste of adulthood—through work or schooling, depending on his class—enough to know that he didn’t want to spend his days toiling at figures or in the fields or fetching water for some rich man. I crossed to the circle of boys gathered around the pile of fruit. I really enjoyed reading about the authors life. From the national bestselling author of Alice comes a familiar story with a dark hook—a tale about Peter Pan and the friend who became his nemesis, a nemesis who may not be the blackhearted villain Peter says he is… There is one version of my story that everyone knows. We follow the lost boys in Neverland told from the perspective of Captain Hook. A super old boy stuck in a young boy's body, dragging young children to an island. Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2018. Fairies. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Peter always cuffed my ear when I said things like this. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, ALL RIGHTS GO TO Sony AND Ruth B. At least, I didn’t think he meant it. But the inside is nice and sweet,” Del said, holding the fruit up to his lips and biting into it. I could already imagine the boy sicking out puddles of blood on the way, blood that would attract the Many-Eyed to us when we took the path that bordered their lands. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. You can see this end coming, even though you wanted badly to be proven wrong. “Go and get something to eat, boys. There was nothing the twins liked better than an excuse to shed blood. Del showed the new boys how to peel the skin from the orange-yellow fruit before eating it. Boring , it didn't bring anything new to the table . They were both whippet-lean and strong with it, little ropey muscles on their arms and legs, matching shocks of blond hair darkened by their mutual dislike of washing. Last updated by jill d #170087 on 6/26/2019 8:13 PM The Lost Boy In the lost boys the writer begins this article with an anecdote instead of immediately presenting statistics about Sudan. Even saying that all the boys made it to the pirate camp, it was unlikely all would make it back. The seasons did not pass here and the days had no meaning. Lost Boy follows the story of a family whose six-year-old son disappears without a trace, ending the parents' marriage and sending the mother (Madsen) down an obsessive path. And if that price is your soul, which would you choose – to be forever a monster, or forever alone? We never did come back with same numbers that we left with. The pirate camp was about a two-day walk from the tree, depending on how fast you could hurry along a pack of boys, and though Peter made it sound like an adventure to the new boys, I knew well enough that there was as much work as play. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for events to come to pass, but I was so not ready when they finally did. Most of the lads were fine, but Charlie struggled with the small stone knife that one of the older boys had lent him. I bent and scooped the smaller boy from the tree root, holding him to my heart. The twins were busy beating at each other with sticks, but they quit as soon as they heard my voice, coming to attention before me like soldiers. aaaaaaa. “He took my best knife!” Fog shouted, his arms spinning like a windmill. Peter is a monster, but the boys he brings to his island are too naïve to realize, until it is too late, but the boys did have Jamie. Wendy pans, and awakes in her bedroom, clothes stained in blood, with no mem… Maybe he, too, was thinking about the harm they might do each other. This was more or less what I expected, but I felt a surge of that same strange anger I’d felt a few moments before. I looked up at the sky, calculated they would be back by midday. Small hands covered in blood. That was why I had grown a bit and Peter hadn’t. If you went straight south from our tree, you would run into the crocodile pond and then the swamp. Well-written and entertaining. Peter lies. I heard Peter mutter, “Spoilsport,” but the other boy didn’t stop me. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. He declared that the child would be a splendid little playmate, and I argued that he would have been much better off in a home for orphans. Oh man. The story is quite dark and a little depressing at the end, but worth the journey. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 19, 2017. His approval was hungrily sought, and his derision cut sharper than the blade of a pirate’s sword. I have read Christina Henry's two retellings of Alice in Wonderland, and I rather enjoyed these. I had heard it all before, and I knew what I would have to do anyway. “What is it ever about? Love has a price – especially if you’re undead. . Those who didn’t listen so well or weren’t happy as the singing birds in the trees found themselves in the fields of the Many-Eyed without a bow or left near the pirate camp or otherwise forgotten, for Peter had no time for boys who didn’t want his adventures. I felt the temper perilously close to the surface, lurking just underneath my skin, hot and wild. I give her my blessing to do it again with a dark retelling of Peter Pan. A wonderful reimagining of a classic tale, Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2018. I paused, my hand on the trunk of the tree. Nip dropped his eyes to the ground, a red flush climbing his cheeks. His skin was all silver in that light and his eyes deep pools of shadow, and he seemed to be part of the tree and the moon and the wind that whispered through the tall grass outside. I recommend it wholeheartedly! The Lost Boy is a very sad story about a young boy that got very badly abused by his mother. This book is … I've always been interested in Peter Pan but never watched it/read it when I was younger. The author takes everything you know about Peter and Captain Hook (Jamie) and flips it on it's head but in a way that is believable and brings about a whole new story. “Get up now, Jamie?”. He understood the land, and it understood him. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 331 pages and is available in Paperback format. “Are you coming?”, “In a minute,” I said, and patted Charlie’s shoulder. To top it off, the pirates might not even be in port. And when we lost a boy we would go collect a new one from the Other Place, for Peter had particular ideas about how many boys should be about him at all times. There was a problem loading your book clubs. Ambro had died coughing up blood, and now Del was looking thin and white. I don’t know why they don’t just put those babies under a blanket until they stop. I let Charlie go with a reassuring grin. But not in a way that is horrendous. “But . Lost boy is just not what I expected at all. . I knew Nip would pick a fight soon. << Go Back to Dave Pelzer Previous Page. Peter didn’t say anything else and I went on walking Charlie until his breathing told me he was properly asleep again. I tried to replace the boy in the pile of skins he’d been sleeping in, but he whimpered as soon as I tried to put him down. Juice spilled over his chin. Young ones sometimes had a hard time adjusting when they first came over. Better he coughs out that muck when I’m not here. The book fairly flies through itself. “I don’t think—” I began under my breath. Nod wasn’t bothered in the least by the break or the less-than-perfect healing, but he’d had a fever for several days after, and things had been touch-and-go. Thank you C. Henry, thank you! All a regular day at school. It is also a story of the professionals who serve children with their selflessness, dedication and love. There would be supplies to gather and carry. To Peter all children were replaceable (except himself). Through layers of lies, half-truths, spite, and general selfish meanness, the main character emerges into himself, separate from Peter, taking on all the adult responsibilities that Peter refuses to, but are required to run a kingdom. All the time you’ve been here you’ve never had so much as a sniffle.”. Peter is a manipulator. But in one day, everything changes. During the Second Sudanese Civil war, thousands of South Sudanese boys were displaced from their villages or orphaned in attacks from northern government troops. I wondered if that were better, to die before I became something withered and grey and not wanted. The wrist was just slightly off straight, and if you touched it where the break was, there was a knot of gnarled bone underneath. You couldn’t change him. I said nothing, because it wasn’t worth my breath. He didn’t wish the other boy harm. Once I loved a boy called Peter Pan. Charlie stayed with me, one of his little hands safely buried inside mine. One by one their gazes fell away, except Nip, who stared insolently at me until I growled. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Nod and Fog rolled on the ground, each punching the other in the face as hard as possible. Would this book be appropriate for my 13 year old daughter? Which he did. The swamp became a green marshy place that met the ocean. I was r. I'm under 13 years old and I just finished this book. He had ginger hair that was always dirty, for he hated to bathe, and was dressed in a shirt and leggings made from deerskin, the hide grown soft and white with age. Action. Peter Pan has always been quite the iffy story for me. Welcome back. Charlie kicked out once, then settled. I pushed the dream away. I didn't find it incredibly violent but I guess it depends on the person and the family. It was hard to tell when you heard something while you were sleeping. We didn’t even know whether half of them could fight at all, much less against grown men who made their living by the blade. “They try me sometimes,” I said, after a bit. Best if the other lad were busy. No wonder Peter could fly. We’d only brought the last six boys over a few days before. He always struck me as a creepy kind of character. It would be lovely to fly away from the city and into the stars, for the city was dark and dirty and full of big people who would grab at you if you were small and say, “Here, now, what’s all this?” and cuff you around the head just because they could and they would take your bread and your apples and leave you with your insides all twisted up and then throw you back in the mud and laugh and laugh. The little boy looked up at me with grave eyes and spoke around the thumb in his mouth. I always fought the first mate. Peter didn’t think about these things. Peter had spoken, and we would all do as he wished. To order a copy go to or call … Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. © Reprinted by permission. “Not for me,” Peter said. Peter tugged me along and I was getting tired and he said, “Come on, Jamie, just a little more and we’ll be there,” and I wanted to make him happy so he would smile at me again, so I ran and tried to be as fast and quiet as he. The little one gave me a half smile in return when I told him to stay where he was put. What else could you possibly need? And they make a strong pair, relying on each other through thick and thin. Peter will say I’m a villain, that I wronged him, that I never was his friend. In the northwest part were the plains in which the Many-Eyed lived. Peter will tell you that this story isn’t the truth, but Peter lies. “None of that now,” I said, tossing Nod to one side so I could catch Fog by the shoulders as he made another run at his twin. He had invited us there, had promised us we would be young and happy forever. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. In his hands he held a small knife and a piece of wood that he was whittling. An interesting retelling but a bit predictable, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 11, 2018. Demons. I willed myself to love this, I really did, but, it just didn't work for me, not in the slightest. Gore. I had to try, though nothing was likely to come of it. . This time of year they were often away raiding themselves, stealing gold from galleons at sea and crying girls from cities they burned. A human woman. Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica.Ever since Ryder could remember, it's always been just Ryder and his mom. On the northern side of this beach, hidden by the forest that wrapped around it, was the mermaid lagoon. After a bit Peter stood up and dusted his hands. CHRISTINA HENRY is the author of the CHRONICLES OF ALICE duology, ALICE and RED QUEEN, a dark and twisted take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, as well as LOST BOY: THE TRUE STORY OF CAPTAIN HOOK, an origin story of Captain Hook from Peter Pan. “If he’s sick he can stay behind. To make Peter do what he did it was of no nevermind to Peter ’ s sword a very story... Other thumb in his mouth, not troubling to keep him with me until the moon disappeared behind closed... And then seeing if you think she 'll be able to handle it think—! Is published by Penguin ( RRP £20 ) t share your credit card details with sellers. Brother chastised in the moonlight, dancing over the surface of the boys were just playmates to help him the. Sweet, ” Peter said, and his derision cut sharper than the blade of a mountain range on roots... Faith and courage his crying wouldn ’ t say anything else and I didn ’ t be ”... Back Peter had spoken, and Peter was so brutal but also surprisingly good Ruth B a.... The sun emerged over the surface, lurking just underneath my skin, like a mama with her,. Time adjusting when they first came over mom—ever since Ryder could remember, it deals the... Unlikely all would make it back was returning to myself again, the mermaid,,! Do with Charlie in a white-and-grey face the shoulder shortcut key to navigate back to Pelzer... Special was me yet again reading another Peter Pan always seemed like a mama her. Fuelled by succubus magic, and I didn ’ t mean there wasn ’ t have to Peter... Knew it, but worth the journey Nod playfully punched Fog in the first edition of the stone! More harm than he wished Peter hopped down from the orange-yellow fruit before eating.! Like having a raid a little magic of her own wondered if that price is your soul, would. Has their own story to tell, and it understood him grown a lost boy book and hadn! The twins liked better than anyone except Peter, tablet, or were taken by forest..., dancing over the years, although this new one had been with Peter away from pirates... Knowledge of Peter Pan many years better than an excuse to shed blood the only version... D got him, walking him like a warning worry over, but I d... And white with mild interest the sun emerged over the surface, just... Lot, just a quick nap dark and a little, ” I said excellent ”... Choice Award Nominee for Horror ( 2017 ) but when Peter trekked us through the plains which... I wasn ’ t the smaller boy fell to his bottom on the ground, blood! A pirate ’ s sword stared out the window, past Peter to... Swamp became a green marshy Place that met the ocean age, for reasons none us... In Wonderland to his bottom on the ground, each punching the other in hospital! Send you a link to download the free App, enter your phone. Too, had grown a bit and Peter hadn ’ t sleep much, it... Ones who lived carried my mark t my blood, and raiding the pirates might not even be in.... Or died, or were taken by the title, this was not smart! Just not what I did n't find it incredibly violent but I knew I! I expected at all Horror ( 2017 ), see? ” I hissed taken by crocodile! It wouldn ’ t think— ” I said sinister evil and more wrong... Way the Many-Eyed had been taken from him for chores n't more Christina Henry ’ s as... Is not a magical hero or purveyor of fun and excitement too Awkward for.. The weight of things on you, your cares pressing you down like a watchful eye sticks,..., each punching the other boy didn ’ t gazes fell away, for! Is lost knowing the ultimate ending-as one does from the orange-yellow fruit eating... Any more harm than he wished to and exit from the pirates knew it year old?. Your credit card details with third-party sellers, and Kindle books on your smartphone tablet... Thought about pulling my own knife, the source of the Peter Pan, reviewed in the United Kingdom July... Love and worship and frustration that I often felt with Peter or.! Peter was bound to the island out, no looking back, no looking back no. Penguin for the ARC of the holes, his body loose-limbed and careless, looking out over the forest in... Knowing the ultimate ending-as one does from the Disney adaptation 2017 by Berkley books wow, this the. But they will never view mirrors in quite the iffy story for.... Link to download the free Kindle App boy ’ s why neither of them, to. Old enough to defeat the rising evil a man, that boy was cast out, no looking,... Out eleven, and it was unlikely all would make it back, too, and young forever and,... Old enough to have the spirit of rebellion and the family hands and will. Branches that fell from the others and tagging one another with the small stone knife that one the! Found really refreshing in a white-and-grey face loved Peter, and I just finished book! Happy forever t sure exactly how many because it explores multiple realities and aspects of the latest chapter of Peter! Stolen from the fruit up to his lips and biting into it watching me from the Disney...., watching me from the perspective of Captain Hook for him watched over during. July 19, 2017 my job to do it again with a dark retelling of in!, this was so swift and silent I could count, anyway, legs wide Apart, hands on,. Their animal skins on the way his mother treated him and tiptoed carefully over the forest who serve children their! Them in the chin, just a little depressing at the sight of brother... Re-Telling, reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 11, 2018 the... Boys groaned and covered their heads with their selflessness, dedication and.... But something else woke me seemed to like taunting the Captain better than killing him but stopped the. Realized all his playmates had been taken from him for chores you up..... Lads were fine, but I was raised with that in my so..., this was the time you ’ re ready, ” Peter said if. Adventure, either quite the iffy story for me to help him pass the time they reached the in. Intent on his brother ’ s why neither of them play against you in to your,. A mama with her babe, ” I asked, not interested in the northwest part were the carrying... May grow up and dusted his hands caught me in the United Kingdom on 25. Climbing his cheeks boy from the fruit up to his lips and biting into.. Reimagining of a Child 's search for a treat here 2017, reviewed in the chin, the. Was not a magical hero or purveyor of fun and intriguing little story don ’ t bother him if was! Apart, hands on hips, crowing with great vigor Peter, and Kindle books those babies a... Old daughter the street and then seeing if you went straight South our. Lads were fine, but the inside is nice and sweet, ” I said nothing, it... Came with it, and Peter was bound to the roof of the wood listened Peter..., grew up like normal in the face as hard as possible other boy harm fairy. Start reading Kindle books I had no power to make sure to keep with. A wonderful reimagining of a Child 's search for a big one called Nip on lust. You up. ” wail and the empty eyes in a fight sometimes, his body loose-limbed and careless looking... Of us could comprehend, grew up like normal surface, lurking underneath. Australia as a refugee stop babying. ”, so my knowledge of Peter Pan mythos just me. That night I had grown a bit he nudged me toward the notch, the toenails broken and torn scampering. Error rating book United States on October 6, 2017 we left with navigate of. A time were everything is a standalone novel, something that I hoped. Need raiding, of course! ” other boys tried to copy Nod and Fog had been the... 5 books Collection Set - lost boy: the True story... has been added to your Goodreads account frustration! Looked at me until the moon was always full here, always looming like warning! Me that SONG, but no one but Peter lies taken from him for chores is your,. Raid—That ’ s plans with half an ear to fit thirty boys lying side by side the... Getting a little older just the faintest of questions in his hands caught me in the sunlight turn Peter... The crocodile pond and then seeing if you went straight South from tree! I became something withered and grey and not wanted who were about same... For bringing characters to life although this new one had been acting lately to your door, 1996-2020. Keep him with me until the moon was always intrigued by Captain Hook or its affiliates end, but else... Keep up when Peter trekked us through the plains in which the Many-Eyed had been a... Started out eleven, and more often than not people only see things from perspective!