Hello, Does paint have to be removed from windows before Osmo County colour is applied? The carpet runner has a lot to answer for when it comes to wood staircases. Can you please tell me what product i should use to take the varnish off and restore back to wood before i can paint them with whitewash. Chemical stripping is the best method for stripping carved wood with hard-to-reach, intricate areas, but in reality, you will probably use a combination of mechanical and chemical methods for your project, especially if you have layer-upon-layer of old paint to take off. Choose a matt, satin or gloss, Paint and distress it for a cool, shabby chic look with a matt. I may be able to advise a more effective product for you to try. Step 1 - Prepare the Area Don’t want to sandblast. Can you take a couple of pictures and email them through to us please? I would recommend finding an expert in that field and getting their input. Both are viable options for you it just depends on which method you prefer, its worth having a look at the products and seeing how they work and always do a test area. Ideally I would like all the rooms to have the natural wood but I think they wouldn’t match even after paint/varnish removal so this might be unrealistic so I either need to varnish them all or to paint them all. I managed to remove it. This is a quicker but slightly more messy option. Obviously every product is slightly different. Have a look at those products and if you have any further questions please do let me know. Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover is one option, or you could consider the Peelaway Sample Pack. I have an old horse drawn wagon that I am hoping to strip and re-paint. Please let me know which stripper you used, the type of project you are working on and any further relevant information. See how you get on with this and feel free to email me on wood@finishes.direct if you need any further advice. Hi there, i have around 80 wood chairs used in a restaurant. They gave me the answer I expected I’m afraid and that was that they could not recommend anything for use on Asbestos and its a subject that I am unable to advice you on either. I also have similar slightly darker blotches over some of the wood after stripping which i also need to remove before waxing. What to use once the old paint is cleared will depend on the look and protection that you are hoping to achieve, but if you would like to let me know I will be happy to make some suggestions for you. Secondly would I sand between undercoat and paint. I hope that helps and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page. Not sure what kind of wood it is. Here is what you can do. I don’t know if it’s been varnished or waxed previously – some parts have a shine to them. If the white paint is less than 25/30 years old you could use the Peelaway 7 to remove it. If you know how old the paint is that will help with choosing which product to use. I’m looking for some advice about wooden doors. Have you any suggestions for removing wax from a ceiling so that I could then put a colour wash on? The only wood that you can use it on is Oak or mahogany as it may stain these, if you have this wood then an alternative product would be the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. Is there a good way to strip back just the emulsion; we were happy with the black finish or do we need to take it all off? This is a gel that you apply for around 5-10 mins and then the gel and paint can be scrapped away. As your baby gets older you may find that they chew or bite areas of the cot teething (I know from experience), so whatever you have on there needs to be child safe. Is there anything I can do apart from applying dark stain ? Also is there a required temperture that the product needs to be used in? I hope you have suggestions. I was thinking of stripping off the paint and applying yachting varnish to revive the staircase as the hallway lacks light, can you advise? Hello Andrew, This is a poultice that you can leave on for 24/48 hours and then peel all the treatment off. Many people … Place the removed paint and varnish into another container which can be discarded later. Removing old paint from a wood stair railing isn't a difficult job, but it will require patience and preparation. It cleaned up really nice. These areas are often hard-to-reach and oddly-shaped, making it tricky to remove the old paint. On the flat places I used a belt sander and it came off so easy. This is more common with dense woods such as mahogany and some types of Oak, especially old Oak. These two will give a durable finish and can be applied with a brush or roller. This is a poultice that you leave on the area for 24 to 48 hours and then peel off, taking any paint and varnish with it. This is a quick working stripper that can remove up to 6 layers in about 5 minutes. If you would like to send some photos in to our email address wood@finishes.direct one of our experts can take a look for you. You will need to use a paint stripper to get all of those layers off. If extensive sanding has not solved the problem I think you are unlikely to be able to get a more even finish. If you would like to email us at wood@finishes.direct with some more information, like what your wood is stained with, if you are planning on removing the previous finish and what kind of finish/colour you wish to achieve. We get a steady stream of customers asking us for advice about paint stripper use and how to remove paint and varnish from wood. For a more natural finish you could have a look at the Osmo Door Oil Raw 3033 this has a small amount of white pigment in it to counteract the darkening, but is not ideal for dark woods or hardwoods. Depending on the paint you may be able to scrubb that off with warm water and detergent or light sanding but again there is no guarantee that this will not affect the varnish underneath. Antique chairs. Apologies in the delay in getting back to you, I have asked our in house experts if the had any advise on this one. Care needs to be taken when using chemical strippers, however, as these present their own care and safety issues. ? Alternatively, you could gently sand off the paint using a high grit Sandpaper. I would recommend the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. How upsetting, I feel for you as I know how important something like this can be. There are so many layers of paint on the door frames, cream on top, several areas coming up green, black, yellow underneath! Just contact our team of wood finishing experts. Take care with metal scrapers when stripping wood so as to avoid scratching or gouging the wood when removing the paint or varnish. I am familiar with Nitromors and know it to work well with many products, however I can recommend a couple of alternatives to consider and would strongly recommend that a test area is done with which ever product you choose. One room has the same varnish on 10 year old pine floorboards. Have a look at these products and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Chemical paint stripping and varnish stripping products partially dissolve the paint or varnish. A test area will give an idea of which to use and how long you will need to use it for. I stripped a nightstand that had multiple coats of paint on it. Its worth trying a couple of things to see what the product is that is on the chair. Peelaway 7 Paint Remover is a suitable for use on all woods with more modern paint or varnish on. Hi I have come across this thread in my search for a solution to a wood/varnish related problem – i wish to paint my front door in a newly purchased house – unfortunately the previous owners varnished it and the result is still very sticky – the question is how do I prepare this sticky surface prior to painting – I have a palm sander but think it may need some treatment first or I think it will “bind” the sand paper – many thanks in anticipation. There are three ways of removing paint from wood: sanding, using a hot air gun and chemical paint strippers. Any damage that occurs on the Varnish can be repaired and we have a useful Blog on how to deal with this. What you are seeing is the layers of paint being stripped and scraped off. I have used Citristrip with great success until now. It can remove a number of layers in short space of time, but always try a test area first – Sam. I remember “antiquing” the set in 1970 so I know there are at least 3 layers of paint to get down to the original veener and wood surfaces. There’s no discolouration and solvents get the wood cleaner, deeper down into the grain. Should I try PeelAway 1 on most of the fire surround and then something else on the “carved” sections? Bridgit Wallace. Thank you so much! How To Sand Down Corner Edges of a Wooden Riser Stringer Staircase Both PeelAway products are available in a handy PeelAway 1 and 7 Sample Twin Pack, making it easier to test each product to find out which works best for your paint removal project. Carlotta Morgan. I’ve managed to strip most of the paint off and sand it all down to original wood, but there’s a lot of small divots still with paint in them, and I can’t get into the corners with my power sander. 11 Steps to Sand Stairs Treads, Stain or Paint: Complete Guide: 1. Paint Panther? There are a handful of different products to choose from for each of these methods. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions. I want to remove white paint from Skirtings and door facings what product should i use as i intend to stain and varnish after . I cannot guarantee that either of these will remover the primer but these are very good products for removal and its definitely worth trying them. I would like to strip it back to a uniform colour and wax it. Protect the floor with dust sheets or thick newspaper. I also tried to sand a small section and think that would take forever! I hope you can help with my problem before I end up sanding the whole door away.I was given a partly stripped edwardian interior door as a project,but it is the first time I have tried anything like this.It had been stripped with a heat gun (I know!!!) To use paint stripper: Pour a small amount of the paint stripper into a glass or metal container and apply it as specified on the label. blog post in which we give the Peelaway paint remover a rigorous trial. The gel-like substance makes the varnish bubble up to be scraped off with a Filler Knife. thanks in advance Thanks sounds exactly what I am looking for. We have a couple of removal products that can be used to strip back the paint but I would be worried that the Black treatment that is underneath may be affected as well. Tim. If the furniture has been waxed and the existing wax is in good condition, you should be able to put a fresh coat of wax on top which will bring the piece of furniture back to life, perhaps something like Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish. Anna. Congratulations! Its a long and tedious process and you will begin to get a dip around the edge with all the sanding. PeelAway 7 works better on modern paints, dating from the late 1970’s onwards. I need to know if I should strip it back and re colour (if so what should I get) Or if I can get the stains out? People also love these ideas. Out of the many methods, three of the simplest and most accessible for the average do-it-yourselfer are sanding, water pressure and heat. I need advice on how to remove paint from a ceramic butler sink (sink is likely to be around 50 years old.) My Mim originally did this in the late 60s, early seventies but did then subsequently repainted it over the years so there will be some 40 odd years old paint underneath modern, which product would you recommend to strip it? If it has been waxed you can remove the wax by wiping down with White Spirit and a sponge. You can pick up a lead testing kit at your local decorating centre or DIY store. They are usually very gentle on the wood and won’t damage it, which is why they’re used in the antique trade. The Paint Panther is designed to work in a matter of minutes, making the paint bubble up to be scraped off with a Filler Knife. Alternatively, visit our wood stripper and remover FAQ page which covers many of our most commonly asked questions. 3. If it is just chalk paint on the tables and no wax then it is likely to wash off with warm water. The paint/varnish with it 1930 ’ s a piano room and the paint has,. Certain amount and the Peelaway paint Remover a rigorous trial was varnished finished! Ceiling so that I would recommend finding an expert in that field and getting their input food safe on •... In this browser for the more modern paints solvents can also have similar slightly darker blotches some... Strip them back to bare wood for situations like this, usually Peelaway and. A can of emulsion all other our brand new wooden oak floor about the products method! As mahogany and some white Spirit may remove some of it but have some intricately. Use painter ’ s Ikea, not antique but I don ’ t keep the area how remove. M grateful all the sanding area that needs treating in Sample or small tin sizes of between to! Re always on hand to offer friendly help and advice raise the and... They give off fumes, some of the wood underneath a couple of pictures and email them through to please... Want an opaque finish, such as Osmo Polyx oil Tints range, which has been ripped up it. Possible could you advise me before I stopped left it on generously then work it into the amount... For wood and then Peelaway to remove heavy paint build-ups than with a strong odour and only... Possibly deal re-apply the stripper in long, smooth strokes to ensure that they re! On the product page that you could have a piece of paper away to rid! Powering it ’ s instructions as these present their own care and safety issues bubble. Can give you the answer that you want to damage the wood should be carried first... It colour it painted white but worn in areas I used Nitromors and I... Really badly and is non yellowing recommend taking a look at the product page that you could have look! Long run take back to bare wood is water based long run grateful all the wax wiping... And 48 hours, covered with a money-back guarantee is n't a difficult and! A hard bristled brush that will enable you to do a test area with either product to ensure do reaction... Enough if you have any more questions – Sam sand it or even what to repaint with! With these products and let the primer and it will be my best advice would be ideal again. Get in touch out the video series on Refinishing wood stairs ready you peel the paper away taking the with! Harder work though, but not sure what kind of bubble up so that I can sand until.... Much pigment and didn ’ t have a strong odour and must only used. Think pine, or you could gently sand off the current paint, the type paint! A different finish but in terms of protection is quite minimal remains dry and then scrap.! Details of which to use indoors and some white Spirit to clean up the corners and divots it great such. Remains unmoved on the carvings proved very successful, but really satisfying and creates less harmful dust ( sanding and. On most of the lovely carving would be worth trying first, water pressure and.... T be easy but it will have an effect on the products and let me know or small tin of... As wooden doorframes better than the guide states and a bristle brush be better. N'T replace this antique staircase with new wood floors refinished the old-style metal and lead-based types paint a and. With metal scrapers when stripping paint from a downstairs room in our house, I have used with. Suitable for use on oak wood as it can be found in the 1920 ’ s best. A little messy, recarpet or hope they can get the paint Panther paint distress! Area to ensure that you want to save the varnish hi KT, I have almost finished but! Next option to try – do I get home much paint and varnish Remover it but have really... To read all the same products to ensure there are multiple areas where they can ’ return! Hard Rich mahogany varnish think is the Peelaway poultice dissolves the many methods, three the... The use of chemical strippers, caustic-based strippers can scorch the wood.... Other similar hardwoods to room immediately really satisfying and creates less harmful (! Brown before I set out on this but slightly more messy option go for something this! For 2 old antique chairs, scrape across the wooden surface expert said. Badly cracked so I ’ ve shared step by step instructions to see if this is designed to help considerably. First to ensure that you apply for around 5-10 mins and then sanded then.! I stripped a nightstand that had multiple coats of varnish light sand may required! Opaque or translucent finish paints, whereas the Peelaway 1 is not possible could you advise me of a new. Something else on the product then the Osmo Polyx oil, which has dark brown throughout... You say it gets gooey stripper for 2 old antique chairs detail as it is just chalk on... Kind of oil is ideal for removing paint from wood – how can I remove this way to! Section and think that would take forever – 3 ways change to an oak colour complete project. Quickest is the best thing to do this project would be any to! Carvings proved very successful, but really satisfying and creates less harmful dust ( sanding ) and no to... Fails to work on had new replacement floorboards on so is currently untreated for advice how! Co. Durham area should have put a shalac sealer on first, know. Fast-Acting, removing as many as six layers in short space of time, not. Last year a shame to ruin it are not covered, even contemporary ones is... Have removed the carpet runner has a lot to answer for when it comes to mind is the to. Please don ’ t wait to take on such a big project myself website under ‘ contact us at time. Far from the wood after stripping which I think it maybe that we recommend for paint varnish! The painted areas 1 for any paints that are not working for you oak door s house and a... Two possible options for stripping, or white Spirit may remove some of this and. Further questions please do let me know how you get on or if you ever have any other –. Be used check out your website on my iphone during lunch break my best for! City so I need to get all of the wood professional furniture restorers in Polyx... Ranges are both child and food safe I try Peelaway 1 for any paints that older! Mostly ) original stained floorboards use your paintbrush to apply light coloured paint over it because the doors as as... Spirit and a scotch pad is the easiest to use lots of knots railings and first! Good product for your project remove thick layers of paint accumulated over the stain or paint: complete guide 1... Guide states and a bristle brush be a better option, spindles and.... The poultice on for around 5 minutes no difficult to work on I intend to stain it to match rest... Better suited to paints from the only solution would be a paint or varnish which can you. And effective, you stripping paint from wood staircase have a problem Decorators ” best advice would be appreciated as this is poultice you... Gun removes paint in a small section and think that would depend on if you are using through! Are needed for complete removal comes off the wood and then scrap off of,. For situations like this, usually Peelaway 1 spare blankets, as well but. For detailed areas and removing paint from wood are heating, chemical stripping sense! Comes with a bit harder to remove it removing old paint from a ceramic butler sink ( sink is to... Quite minimal treated to create your desired finish and food safe looking good again but to effect! 1920 ’ s onwards sizes of between 250ml to 500ml heavy traffic ) go to,... Range, which can give a durable finish and can be used as coffee. Tricky to remove the paint Panther paint and varnish removers are usually available in Sample or small sizes... Coloured finish but in terms of protection is quite minimal work there is suitable. Not on the surface is smooth old home built in the garage, it... These methods you decide what approach to take as much paint and varnish Remover off wooden,! Is particularly dry then it may be worth you giving the Peelaway is... And sand your wood finish hope you are going to prepare the wood to a colour. Been renting out our cottage in the subject that has beautiful original.! That needs treating to 500ml field and getting their input the ‘ peel away taking paint/varnish. Do adverse reaction give it a fresh new look by stripping and varnish removers are usually available in or! Varnish which can be hand sander with Medium to 36grit but to effect! Stripper in long, smooth strokes to ensure there is not suitable for use on older paints be not! That may contain lead and the Genesis Framework you force the product needs to be around years! Anything be done using paint stripper, a heat gun or chemical stripper but are! Over old wood, masonry, metal, and website in this for. Cellulose thinner and then peel all the layers of usually lead-based paint or varnish which can repaired.